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WSIALM has been working with me in providing SEO and PPC services and consulting to my client Mayhew for a few years now and my client has reaped the rewards of our contributing work.

Given the importance of the account, on several occasions I have requested the team to attend my monthly reporting calls and they have always contributed ideas, recommendations and solutions to help my client grow their presence online, as well as lead generation. There have been times when we have to be patient and educate the client on marketing strategies and get his total buy-in to new ideas, and WSIALM has always helped me by acting as my back-office team of experts or by advising me on how to guide and advise my client. My client knows the team at WSIALM by first name and considers them not just a supplier but my back-office team!

Shelley Muldoon, Toronto, Ontario

We begin working on the Spinnaker Campaign in July 2013.  Prior to working with WSI, Spinnaker was working with another SEO company, but had seen no success in the last year, and had even backslid on some metrics. They had been aggressive in Google Adwords and Bing Advertising, however, their results in organic rankings and organic search were insignificant.  In the past 6+ months WSIALM and my team have been working with this client to improve their organic visibility in a competitive technology industry: CRM and ERP software solutions, and we have realized jumps in organic traffic by 10 -19% monthly.  We are competing with the likes of SAP, Oracle, and other highly competitive companies in the industry.  Spinnaker Support is now ranking in the top 10-20 and climbing for some very competitive keywords.  The client recognizes an increase in organic traffic and online visibility of their brand through their sales staff and is impressed with our results to date.  As a result of our work on SEO, and showing a competent approach to keeping the client’s sales objectives as a top priority, the client awarded us the contract to manage and improve their Google PPC campaigns and doubled our SEO campaign spend.  In our next phase of our SEO project, we are looking to solidify the conversion tracking component with the client to have a clearer visibility on performance and ROI.

Bob Monzel, Denver Colorado

WSIALM and I have been working together for the past 4 months to improve the overall results for my client The Closet Works Inc.  After the site was recovering from Google’s Hummingbird update, its performance in recovering was slow.  We reviewed and analyzed the website and noticed that the website needed additional cleanup.  In addition, we reviewed the keywords we wanted to target and selected a fresh of industry and service related keywords that would generate quality traffic to the website. After working with ALM for 4+ months we have seen improvement in the SEO performance of the site and my client is satisfied that his website’s performance online has improved and looks to be recovered from the update.

Bob Weber, Pennsylvania 

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