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Why Adaptive SEO Is a Must for Every Small Business Owner

Why Adaptive SEO Is a Must for Every Small Business Owner

With every business out there scrambling to get online and make their presence felt online, it is not an easy task for a small business owner to get noticed in the crowd. As an owner or a small business, you may think of getting a great website designed, creating social media profiles and getting the site optimized for SEO. However, SEO has become kind of a clichéd term- more so in the face of periodic algorithm updates by Google.

This post will discuss the changing SEO landscape, what adaptive SEO is, and why it’s so important for your business to utilize it.

✓     The changing face of SEO and need for better solutions

The bitter truth is, your SEO plans can be upset by Google’s algorithm updates if you resort to industry standard practice. Optimizing strategies according to newest Google algorithm updates is not going to cut the ice. Google has, for example, has penalized websites for having backlinks which were developed through spamming techniques or dated SEO tricks.

✓     So, what is adaptive SEO?         

Adaptive SEO is not at all like playing hide and seek with search engines. It is far beyond search engine optimization- it is about a strategy to strengthen the web presence of your brand with long term focus. This includes developing excellent quality content, being socially active, deploying fast load time and clear navigation in your website along with easily indexable pages. It also includes strategies for getting reviews and citations on directories. The new algorithm updates put stress on search quality. While SEO strategies have short term effects, Adaptive SEO has long term impact on business.

✓     How can startups deploy adaptive SEO tactics?

Content is King - Startup owners need to keep in mind, the core focus of Google algorithm updates has not changed- it all begins with quality and relevant content. Without fresh and quality content, no strategy can improve the ranking of your site. You must think outside the static text, as far as content is concerned. Using video and infographic is also advisable in this regard.

Finding relevant keywords – It is also important to use relevant keywords within site content, and this may not be easy. It is necessary to observe which keywords fetch the most organic traffic. It is also necessary to watch using which keywords lead to the maximum number of conversions.

Sharing and interaction - Web design has become more interactive and responsive in nature over the years, and this has affected the SEO world too. Sharing site content through various social media channels helps improve visibility and bring more visitors. This eventually has a positive impact on conversion. The more viewers share your site content, respond to it by commenting or liking posts, the better it is.

Summing it all up

To appear in top search results, your site needs to have quality content and focus on the needs of your visitors. Sticking to old age optimization policies won’t work anymore. To learn more about Adaptive SEO, contact ALM Corp. and learn how our strategies can help you achieve your business goals.

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