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7 Important PPC Tips for Online Retail

7 Important PPC Tips for Online Retail

Here is a list of some important PPC tips to help improve your online retail business:

1. Separate Campaigns

Many businesses and brands fail to use one great feature that Google Shopping and AdWords have: the ability to bid at product and keyword level. Often seasonal items and other aspects of retail are big reasons to ensure you are separating your campaigns for Google Shopping campaigns.

If you have ‘men’s clothes’, you could, in theory, just have one ad group for all ad clothes; but this would not bring you optimal performance. A much better approach for ROI would be to separate your products for men by t-shirts, pants, socks, etc.

Utilizing this technique will give you control over bids and also over seasonal products and the bidding process. In the event you want to beak things down even further, you can separate by colors or styles, if you have a certain product that is a best seller.

2. Factors for Good Performance

Often, sales can be influenced by factors such as device types, time of day, and even the weather. All these factors can help you with strategic bidding – or forming a better strategy!

3. Customisers

Ad Customisers will let you generate an ad template that has variables – letting you automatically update the template without having to go through the hassle of the approval process.

4. Negative Keywords

An important aspect to good campaign management is adding negative keywords. Doing this will help target your audience to get the best clicks, and it will also assist you in revising your strategy for bidding.

To improve your conversion funnel, you can use negative keywords to isolate non-brand and brand traffic, letting you bid higher on branded products.

5. Sell Your Brand

AdWords gives you the chance to ad description text. This an opportunity to sell your brad and differentiate yourself from the competition. Make your business standout by highlighting your quick shipping time or something along these lines.

6. Desktop & Mobile

Make a copy of your current desktop campaign and set it to mobile – you can also create a new one if you wish to. Your first will be exclusively for desktops, while mobile bids can be set in the second campaign.

Often, mobile tends to be the cheaper of the two, so you can experiment with lower bidding.

7. Geo Bid Modifiers

See which areas/locations are converting better versus other locations. Bid higher for those popular locations, and restrict ads for other areas.

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