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Utilizing WordPress to Improve Local SEO

Utilizing WordPress to Improve Local SEO

Many small and local businesses utilize WordPress for their website. WordPress offers simple way to create amazing websites. recently shared statistics indicating that around 50 percent of the entire internet is powered by WordPress websites. Even huge companies and businesses like The New Yorker, TechCrunch and BBC America all utilize WordPress.

SEO Platform

The basic or off the shelf WordPress is great as a SEO platform. Thanks to many plugins and various option, the WordPress you are using is most likely very different from the default version. During your website developing process, due to these plugins and the manner in which you categorize it, will drastically improve your functionality.

With the different levels of plugins, themes, CMS, and content, a lot of extra content may be created. Your objective should be to cleanout everything that users don’t need, an make sure that search engines understand this as well and will disregard it.


This concept revolves around grouping certain things together. In WordPress, the default groupings or taxonomies are: category, link category, post format, and post tag. Groupings, can also support sub-groupings – you can create custom taxonomies.

While Google filters these pages out often, you can always help a search engine and guarantee indexation is dedicated on only the pages you want to present to clients. Most smaller businesses have little online authority, so ensuring taxonomies and basic optimization details are correct guarantees equality, as opposed to CMS-created page that are of little use to a possible customer.

SEO Plugins

While there are a few different plugins for SEO in WordPress, the one used most by knowledgeable site owners is WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast. This plugin provides a variety of functionality that will cover all your WordPress needs, and can be used with the Video, News, and Local SEO modules. It is available in a free and premium version – premium includes better features like improved keywords targeting capabilities.

It is suggested that you always invest in premium plugins for you site to take advantage of all the features – in this instant improved keyword targeting is a very important thing to have.

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