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Does Your E-Commerce Website Need SEO?

Does Your E-Commerce Website Need SEO?

If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, this saying does not reflect current website practices, especially for e-commerce related sites. SEO will make them come, and then they will hopefully buy what you are selling.

Whatever your company size and experience, you will need SEO to take full advantage of your website’s profitability.

Can SEO Help Customers Find You?

Gone are the days of looking at a store catalogue, picking what you like, and walking over to the store and purchasing it. Technology has evolved to the point that most customers use the internet and more specifically, search engines like Google when making a purchase decision.

If you ignore SEO, you are basically ignoring your client and leaving money that could have been spent on your site. By not showing up in a search engine result, you are telling that customer to go buy from a competitor.

The prospective growth opportunities are massive for companies that use SEO. You could be doubling your sales revenue, but if do not know it is out there, you will never see the profits.

Low-Costs of Running SEO

The best thing about SEO is that it is absolutely fee. You do not have to pay for any banners, pop-ups, or other online marketing costs. Paid search traffic (cost-per-click) will cost you money, but organic search traffic is absolutely free. With proper SEO implemented, you can attract millions of customers to your page at no cost at all.

Of course, there is a fee involved in hiring a SEO professional; however, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Is SEO a Long-Lasting Investment?

The best thing about search engine optimization is that its results are targeted, quantifiable, free, and long-term.

SEO is like the Earth, it is constantly spinning and working day and night. Unlike paid advertising, you do not have to worry about SEO not being there if you stop paying; it will always be there. You can always focus on other aspects of your business if they need urgent attention and come back to SEO whenever it is most convenient.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, WSI-ALM is a full service internet marketing agency with clients in North America and Europe. Our superior search engine optimization services, creativity, and knowledge has paved our way to providing a high level service and education to businesses, individuals, non-profits and government organizations so they can leverage the unique reach of the internet to increase visibility and achieve success.
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