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The Leading Local SEO Issues facing Multi-Location Companies

The Leading Local SEO Issues facing Multi-Location Companies


The general assumption across the SEO marketplace is that large, recognized brands with a local presence should be able to rank well within that local marketplace. But this assumption has no basis in truth. In fact, most multi-location companies continue to struggle in achieving strong rankings within local search. And this can often be detrimental to the businesses of their local owners. Within this article, we’ll examine several of the local SEO issues facing multi-location firms.

Non-Optimized Local Websites

While the vast majority of the leading brands now have strong centralized websites that bring users the latest information on their company, they often don’t have individual pages within that site for each location. This means that users within that region are not seeing relevant information as Google doesn’t know which content relates to that region’s audience-base. Multi-location companies must have individual pages for each location to ensure they rank for that location. Companies must also make their location pages discoverable through Google and optimize them for the keywords relevant to local campaigns.

No Google My Business Profile

A leading issue that is most large business owners don’t set up a Google my Business profile for each location. This means that Google simply don’t have the required information to bring to searchers trying to find the brand’s store within their area. Under their Google my Business profile, companies must ensure that their local company name, their local address and their phone number are all accurately listed.

No Location-Specific Content

Business leaders overseeing multiple locations often forget that they must establish an online connection with each location in order to engage users in that local area. Location-specific content can help in this process. By simply showing pictures and creating content around news from each business location and then hosting that content on their larger company site, companies can quickly build their local SEO profile for each location. Location-specific content can also increase local social media profiles for seamless local marketing. This helps bring a local focus to the brand’s broader campaigns.

Limited Local Reviews

Larger brands tend to make mistakes in how they tackle the online review management process. Large companies tend to not engage with their local audiences and therefore often don’t receive reviews, even when customers are extremely happy with their service. This can mean that only negative reviews are highlighted in a company’s Google my Business profile. To prevent this issue, multi-location companies should promote the review process at the local level. Inviting local comments on social media can be a great way to build a foundation for this process.

By engaging with their local audiences and building their local presence across all marketplaces, large brands can excel with their local SEO campaigns. To discuss this topic with an expert, contact our trusted team directly!

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