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Factors to Consider When Beginning an AdWords for Video Campaign

Factors to Consider When Beginning an AdWords for Video Campaign

The latest data shows that video advertising on the desktop platform is set to grow by 21% in 2015. It’s a strategy numerous brands are now considering. But many will fail in meeting their objectives unless they understand the nuances behind video advertising campaigns. In this latest post, we’ll examine several of the factors brand leaders should consider as they begin the video PPC campaign process.

Phone Calls to Action

AdWords for video lets the campaign manager add call to action overlays that link the video to their landing pages. These calls to action must be optimized to ensure the video viewer takes the most effective action. Phrases such as “buy now” and “learn more” tend to be most effective when trying to influence video viewers.

Review Targeting Options Closely

When creating text PPC ads for search campaigns, campaign managers can choose from various ad groups to ensure precise targeting for searchers. Adwords for Video is slightly different to Search Network advertising in that it allows the manager to target advertisements by elements such as demographics and topics. This means companies must carefully consider how their keywords are used to build traffic to their videos. In PPC video campaigns, the manager has the option to target their ads to various networks. For example, they can select keywords for their YouTube Search Network, which will then serve ads to viewers based on their YouTube search queries. This nuanced style of targeting can allow companies to improve their results, if they’re able to blend the optimal network and keyword selection for their campaigns.

Video Can Help Engage Different Audiences

While a Search Network advertisement can bring in website visitors from across the globe, video can help brands capture interest from those not searching for text content. In addition to appealing to new audiences, Adwords video also empowers campaign managers with a greater range of metrics, which can be used to direct future campaigns. AdWords now allows campaign managers to accurately measure video performance levels and audience engagement, as well as metrics such as audience retention across both paid and non-paid views. This ensures a greater understanding on engagement and greater foundation for ensuring return on ad spending.

By carefully considering their AdWords for video campaign options and learning to understand the flexibility in targeting this type of advertising provides, managers can now move forward within their campaigns and maximize their return on investment. To learn more, speak with one of our online marketing experts directly.

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