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Google Introduces Search Analytics Report

Google Introduces Search Analytics Report

With the goal of helping webmasters to gain a greater understanding of their website traffic, Google has recently released their Search Analytics report. This latest tool is designed to help filter traffic data and ensure webmasters receive actionable information that will help drive them to improve their site for current users. In this post, we’ll provide an insight on the full benefits of Google’s Search Analytics report.

1. Seamless Comparison between Mobile and Desktop Data

For companies still getting to grips with their search rankings after Google’s recent mobile search update, the new Search Analytics report provides greater insight into potential mobile usability issues. Users can, for example, compare how many desktop users are visiting their mobile site and how many mobile visitors are instead being taken to their desktop site.

2. Data is More Accurate than Search Queries

Google has gone to great lengths to ensure that the data utilized in their Search Analytics reports is more accurate and more useful than their Search Queries tool, which sometimes shows unreliable information. The search company has now consolidated all click data by domain name. Where previously a click on a desktop site might have counted towards a company’s other domains such as their mobile sites, now all clicks are separated. This means that webmasters gain access to more refined data to analyze the performance of each domain more closely.

3. Recent Activity Highlighted

In search, the latest information is always the most relevant. Webmasters can now sort search queries by the newest activity through the Search Analytics reports tool. This could ensure that brands capitalize on current trends more effectively within their paid search campaigns. It may also allow brands to mitigate SEO costs by focusing on only the most relevant queries in the current marketplace.

This latest tool from Google will help webmasters focus their campaigns and achieve more precise data for assured site management. To learn more on the benefits Google’s Search Analytics can bring to your site, speak with our trusted online marketing specialists directly!

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