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3 Tips for Achieving Strong Local SEO in the Post Pigeon Era

3 Tips for Achieving Strong Local SEO in the Post Pigeon Era

The Google Pigeon algorithm has changed the way some SEO campaign managers complete their local campaigns. But others are finding that their local SEO rankings have been impacted significantly by the changes brought about by Pigeon. While the algorithm change was often discussed in SEO marketplace articles, some are still lagging behind in terms of optimization. In this blog, we’ll look at three tips for achieving a strong local SEO presence in the post pigeon era.

1. Focus on Neighbourhoods, Not Cities

As part of their most recent Pigeon algorithm change, Google reduced the search radius for local users searching for a service in their area. This means that optimizing for larger cities doesn’t offer the same precision it once did.  It’s important for companies to find out which neighbourhoods they have a strong geographic presence in and then capitalize on that presence. It’s important also to utilize neighbourhood synonyms and to try to engage as many searchers as possible with local SEO content.

2. Optimize for the Top-Ranked Directories

No longer do all directories rank as well as one another for small businesses. Business owners now must optimize their site for rankings among the top directories. To find out the top directories for a specific industry and location, business owners can type a query for their service in their target location, for example “Restaurants entertainment district, Toronto”.  Then, based on the results, they’ll see which directories rank highly for those search terms. They can now optimize their NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) as well as company information across those sites to improve rankings.

3. Tried and True SEO Methods Remain Effective

SEO techniques such as dynamic content marketing and link earning are still highly effective ways of achieving visibility in local SEO results. The latest data also shows that on-page signals such as keywords and page design make up 21% of local ranking factors. Improving ranking levels may be a simple as improving content output and committing more resources to effective link earning across the local business community. Building the company’s domain authority will yield long-term results regardless of the changes to the Google algorithms.

By keeping on-track with the basics of organic SEO and following the most recent changes to the way directories and their subdomains are now ranked, companies can make swift improvements to their local SEO campaigns. To discuss your local SEO campaign with an expert, contact our team directly today!

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